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Fuse installation and use precautions
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(1) Before installation, check whether the parameters such as the model, rated current, rated voltage and rated breaking capacity of the fuse meet the specified requirements.

(2) In addition to ensuring sufficient electrical distance for installing fuses, sufficient distance should also be ensured to facilitate disassembly and replacement of the melt.

(3) During installation, it should be ensured that the contact between the melt and the contact knife, as well as the contact knife and the contact knife seat, is close and reliable, so as to avoid the temperature of the melt rising due to the heating at the contact and false fusing.

(4) Good contact must be ensured when installing the melt, and no mechanical damage is allowed, otherwise the accuracy will be reduced.

(5) The fuse should be installed on each phase line, the fuse should not be installed on the neutral line of the three-phase four-wire system, and the fuse should be installed on the neutral line of the single-phase two-wire system.

(6) When installing the fuse in the porcelain plug-in fuse, the fuse should be wound in the direction of screw tightening. At the same time, care should be taken not to scratch the fuse, and do not tighten the fuse, so as to avoid reducing the cross-sectional size of the fuse or Blow the fuse.

(7) When installing the screw fuse, you must pay attention to connecting the power cord to the lower terminal of the porcelain base (ie, the principle of low in and high out) to ensure safety.

(8) To replace the fuse, the power supply must be disconnected first. Generally, the fuse should not be replaced with a load to avoid danger.

(9) Always pay attention to the indicator of the fuse during operation, so as to find out the melt blown in time and prevent phase loss operation.

(10) When replacing the melt, it must be noted that the size and shape of the new melt should be the same as the original melt, and cannot be replaced at will.